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Ingress Protection Rating IP44
Lamp LED
Light direction Fixed
Output 1800 mA
Protection class II
Equipment Driver Philips
Control Unregulated
Life time 35.000h
Energy efficiency A+
Form Rectangular
Measures 1195x595 mm
High 40 mm
CRI ≥80
Installation Modular Ceiling
Material Aluminum
Utilization Indoor use only
Warranty 3 years
Certificates CE


Kohl Lighting, S.L. guarantees its fixtures and distributed gears.

1- Kohl Lighting, S.L. products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship (parts and labor) for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

2- Due to this guarantee, the incumbent of Kohl Lighting, S.L. is the obligation to repair or replace the product or part recognized as defective and returned to Kohl Lighting, S.L.

3- Claims for incidents as the product is delivered damaged, broken, wrong, or any other cause shall be treated as follows:

There will always be returned enclosing a copy of the invoice.

The buyer may request a refund within 7 days of the receipt of the order. While it must satisfy direct cost of returning and where appropriate, compensate the damage to the product (Spanish Act of 15/1/96 number 7/1996 retail).

If instead the replacement of the product is requested, the Customer must submit them to Kohl Lighting, S.L. within 7 days, and once received, the product will be sent in perfect conditions.

4- Any return of product invoking this guarantee must be previously accepted by Kohl Lighting, S.L., all returns to be governed by the following points:

The Customer will call the customer service of BPM Lightiing, which will provide a number of breakdown and / or return.

The defective product will be returned with the warranty seal intact, in their original packaging with their ballasts, cables and other items they had at the time of the purchase and corresponding failure. It must be accompanied by the return number.


The Customer may return the merchandise within a period of 7 days starting from the day of receipt, and it must be accompanied by the original packaging and in perfect condition. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or execution that may arise, the parties hereby waiving of jurisdiction that may apply, the courts of the city of the buyer. The returns should be sent with the original return sheet, duly completed, accompanying by the delivery note.

Returns must be sent to the following address:

Partida Madrigueres Sud, 63A Naves 1-4 03700 Denia (Alicante) Spain

Regarding returns of merchandise that is not defective, you should consider the following features:
In general, no returns of products whose purchase was made on confirmed order and products that have been discontinued will be accepted.

The refund will be by a credit note. To proceed to the payment the product should arrive in perfect condition and with all accessories. The payments will only proceed once merchandise is accepted by our Technical Support Department. For returns which are up to the Customer the amount of the purchase excluding shipping costs will be paid.
Kohl Lighting, S.L. reserves the right to pay a lower amount if the material does not arrive in perfect condition and with all accessories.

5- The warranty period starts from the date of invoice Kohl Lighting, S.L. and cannot be extended in any way by replacing a component in a repair or exchange.

6- Loss or damage during the transport is not responsibility of Kohl Lighting, S.L.
There are manufacturers and brands that offer their warranty directly. Contact phone number and assistance would be provided if necessary.


Improper use, handling or maintenance by the Customer of a gear, lighting fixture or a component.
Improper repair, modification or extension by the Customer of a lighting fixture or a gear.
Impairment, disposal or concealment by the Customer of the identification label of Kohl Lighting, S.L. This meaning that no returns without original packaging or with obvious signs of improper manipulation will be accepted.


Excluded from any warranty are the defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, electrical accidents mainly due to wear out and use not in accordance with the instructions of Kohl Lighting, S.L.

Kohl Lighting, S.L. is not responsible for errors or breakages during the shipping of the product. In case of returns not assumed by our Technical Support Department, they shall be sent back by due freight.

These warranty conditions do not affect consumer’s statutory rights protected by national legislation applicable.


According to Spanish art. 1 RD 5/1997 14, there are complaint forms available to our Customers at the registered office of the company.

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Choose product attributes:

  • Finish:
  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Flamingo
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Reset
  • Color T.:
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Reset
  • Optic Cover:
  • Microprismatic
  • Opal
  • Sky
  • Reset
  • Control:
  • 1..10V
  • DALI
  • PUSH
  • Unregulated
  • Reset
Ref. Finish Color T. Optic Cover Control
K50505.W.OP.3K White 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BK.OP.3K Black 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GY.OP.3K Grey 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.G.OP.3K Gold 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BL.OP.3K Blue 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GR.OP.3K Green 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.RE.OP.3K Red 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.FL.OP.3K Flamingo 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.AQ.OP.3K Aqua 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.OR.OP.3K Orange 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.PI.OP.3K Pink 3000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.W.MP.3K White 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BK.MP.3K Black 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GY.MP.3K Grey 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.G.MP.3K Gold 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BL.MP.3K Blue 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GR.MP.3K Green 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.RE.MP.3K Red 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.FL.MP.3K Flamingo 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.AQ.MP.3K Aqua 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.OR.MP.3K Orange 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.PI.MP.3K Pink 3000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.W.SK.3K White 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BK.SK.3K Black 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GY.SK.3K Grey 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.G.SK.3K Gold 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BL.SK.3K Blue 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GR.SK.3K Green 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.RE.SK.3K Red 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.FL.SK.3K Flamingo 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.AQ.SK.3K Aqua 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.OR.SK.3K Orange 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.PI.SK.3K Pink 3000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.W.OP.3K.D1 White 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BK.OP.3K.D1 Black 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GY.OP.3K.D1 Grey 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.G.OP.3K.D1 Gold 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BL.OP.3K.D1 Blue 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GR.OP.3K.D1 Green 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.RE.OP.3K.D1 Red 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.FL.OP.3K.D1 Flamingo 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.AQ.OP.3K.D1 Aqua 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.OR.OP.3K.D1 Orange 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.PI.OP.3K.D1 Pink 3000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.W.MP.3K.D1 White 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BK.MP.3K.D1 Black 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GY.MP.3K.D1 Grey 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.G.MP.3K.D1 Gold 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BL.MP.3K.D1 Blue 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GR.MP.3K.D1 Green 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.RE.MP.3K.D1 Red 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.FL.MP.3K.D1 Flamingo 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.AQ.MP.3K.D1 Aqua 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.OR.MP.3K.D1 Orange 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.PI.MP.3K.D1 Pink 3000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.W.SK.3K.D1 White 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BK.SK.3K.D1 Black 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GY.SK.3K.D1 Grey 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.G.SK.3K.D1 Gold 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BL.SK.3K.D1 Blue 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GR.SK.3K.D1 Green 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.RE.SK.3K.D1 Red 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.FL.SK.3K.D1 Flamingo 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.AQ.SK.3K.D1 Aqua 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.OR.SK.3K.D1 Orange 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.PI.SK.3K.D1 Pink 3000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.W.OP.3K.DA White 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.BK.OP.3K.DA Black 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.G.OP.3K.DA Grey 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.G.OP.3K.DA Gold 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.BL.OP.3K.DA Blue 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.GR.OP.3K.DA Green 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.RE.OP.3K.DA Red 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.FL.OP.3K.DA Flamingo 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.AQ.OP.3K.DA Aqua 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.OR.OP.3K.DA Orange 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.PI.OP.3K.DA Pink 3000K Opal DALI
K50505.W.MP.DA White 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BK.MP.DA Black 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GY.MP.3K.DA Grey 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.G.MP.3K.DA Gold 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BL.MP.3K.DA Blue 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GR.MP.3K.DA Green 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.RE.MP.3K.DA Red 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.FL.MP.3K.DA Flamingo 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.AQ.MP.3K.DA Aqua 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.OR.MP.3K.DA Orange 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.PI.MP.3K.DA Pink 3000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.W.SK.3K.DA White 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.BK.SK.3K.DA Black 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.GY.SK.3K.DA Grey 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.G.SK.3K.DA Gold 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.BL.SK.3K.DA Blue 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.GR.SK.3K.DA Green 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.RE.SK.3K.DA Red 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.FL.SK.3K.DA Flamingo 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.AQ.SK.3K.DA Aqua 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.OR.SK.3K.DA Orange 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.PI.SK.3K.DA Pink 3000K Sky DALI
K50505.W.OP.3K.PU White 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BK.OP.3K.PU Black 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GY.OP.3K.PU Grey 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.G.OP.3K.PU Gold 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BL.OP.3K.PU Blue 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GR.OP.3K.PU Green 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.RE.OP.3K.PU Red 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.FL.OP.3K.PU Flamingo 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.AQ.OP.3K.PU Aqua 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.OR.OP.3K.PU Orange 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.PI.OP.3K.PU Pink 3000K Opal PUSH
K50505.W.MP.3K.PU White 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BK.MP.3K.PU Black 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GY.MP.3K.PU Grey 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.G.MP.3K.PU Gold 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BL.MP.3K.PU Blue 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GR.MP.3K.PU Green 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.RE.MP.3K.PU Red 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.FL.MP.3K.PU Flamingo 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.AQ.MP.3K.PU Aqua 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.OR.MP.3K.PU Orange 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.PI.MP.3K.PU Pink 3000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.W.SK.3K.PU White 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BK.SK.3K.PU Black 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GY.SK.3K.PU Grey 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.G.SK.3K.PU Gold 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BL.SK.3K.PU Blue 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GR.SK.3K.PU Green 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.RE.SK.3K.PU Red 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.FL.SK.3K.PU Flamingo 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.AQ.SK.3K.PU Aqua 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.OR.SK.3K.PU Orange 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.PI.SK.3K.PU Pink 3000K Sky PUSH
K50505.W.OP.4K White 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BK.OP.4K Black 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GY.OP.4K Grey 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.G.OP.4K Gold 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BL.OP.4K Blue 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GR.OP.4K Green 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.RE.OP.4K Red 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.FL.OP.4K Flamingo 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.AQ.OP.4K Aqua 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.OR.OP.4K Orange 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.PI.OP.4K Pink 4000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.W.MP.4K White 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BK.MP.4K Black 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GY.MP.4K Grey 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.G.MP.4K Gold 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BL.MP.4K Blue 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GR.MP.4K Green 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.RE.MP.4K Red 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.FL.MP.4K Flamingo 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.AQ.MP.4K Aqua 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.OR.MP.4K Orange 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.PI.MP.4K Pink 4000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.W.SK.4K White 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BK.SK.4K Black 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GY.SK.4K Grey 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.G.SK.4K Gold 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BL.SK.4K Blue 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GR.SK.4K Green 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.RE.SK.4K Red 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.FL.SK.4K Flamingo 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.AQ.SK.4K Aqua 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.OR.SK.4K Orange 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.PI.SK.4K Pink 4000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.W.OP.4K.D1 White 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BK.OP.4K.D1 Black 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GY.OP.4K.D1 Grey 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.G.OP.4K.D1 Gold 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BL.OP.4K.D1 Blue 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GR.OP.4K.D1 Green 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.RE.OP.4K.D1 Red 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.FL.OP.4K.D1 Flamingo 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.AQ.OP.4K.D1 Aqua 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.OR.OP.4K.D1 Orange 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.PI.OP.4K.D1 Pink 4000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.W.MP.4K.D1 White 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BK.MP.4K.D1 Black 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GY.MP.4K.D1 Grey 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.G.MP.4K.D1 Gold 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BL.MP.4K.D1 Blue 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GR.MP.4K.D1 Green 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.RE.MP.4K.D1 Red 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.FL.MP.4K.D1 Flamingo 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.AQ.MP.4K.D1 Aqua 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.OR.MP.4K.D1 Orange 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.PI.MP.4K.D1 Pink 4000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.W.SK.4K.D1 White 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BK.SK.4K.D1 Black 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GY.SK.4K.D1 Grey 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.G.SK.4K.D1 Gold 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BL.SK.4K.D1 Blue 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GR.SK.4K.D1 Green 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.RE.SK.4K.D1 Red 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.FL.SK.4K.D1 Flamingo 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.AQ.SK.4K.D1 Aqua 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.OR.SK.4K.D1 Orange 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.PI.SK.4K.D1 Pink 4000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.W.OP.4K.DA White 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.BK.OP.4K.DA Black 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.GY.OP.4K.DA Grey 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.G.OP.4K.DA Gold 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.BL.OP.4K.DA Blue 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.GR.OP.4K.DA Green 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.RE.OP.4K.DA Red 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.FL.OP.4K.DA Flamingo 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.AQ.OP.4K.DA Aqua 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.OR.OP.4K.DA Orange 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.PI.OP.4K.DA Pink 4000K Opal DALI
K50505.W.MP.4K.DA White 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BK.MP.4K.DA Black 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GY.MP.4K.DA Grey 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.G.MP.4K.DA Gold 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BL.MP.4K.DA Blue 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GR.MP.4K.DA Green 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.RE.MP.4K.DA Red 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.FL.MP.4K.DA Flamingo 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.AQ.MP.4K.DA Aqua 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.OR.MP.4K.DA Orange 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.PI.MP.4K.DA Pink 4000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.W.SK.4K.DA White 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.BK.SK.4K.DA Black 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.GY.SK.4K.DA Grey 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.G.SK.4K.DA Gold 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.BL.SK.4K.DA Blue 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.GR.SK.4K.DA Green 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.RE.SK.4K.DA Red 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.FL.SK.4K.DA Flamingo 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.AQ.SK.4K.DA Aqua 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.OR.SK.4K.DA Orange 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.PI.SK.4K.DA Pink 4000K Sky DALI
K50505.W.OP.4K.PU White 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BK.OP.4K.PU Black 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GY.OP.4K.PU Grey 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.G.OP.4K.PU Gold 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BL.OP.4K.PU Blue 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GR.OP.4K.PU Green 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.RE.OP.4K.PU Red 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.FL.OP.4K.PU Flamingo 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.AQ.OP.4K.PU Aqua 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.OR.OP.4K.PU Orange 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.PI.OP.4K.PU Pink 4000K Opal PUSH
K50505.W.MP.4K.PU White 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BK.MP.4K.PU Black 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GY.MP.4K.PU Grey 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.G.MP.4K.PU Gold 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BL.MP.4K.PU Blue 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GR.MP.4K.PU Green 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.RE.MP.4K.PU Red 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.FL.MP.4K.PU Flamingo 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.AQ.MP.4K.PU Aqua 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.OR.MP.4K.PU Orange 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.PI.MP.4K.PU Pink 4000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.W.SK.4K.PU White 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BK.SK.4K.PU Black 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GY.SK.4K.PU Grey 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.G.SK.4K.PU Gold 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BL.SK.4K.PU Blue 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GR.SK.4K.PU Green 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.RE.SK.4K.PU Red 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.FL.SK.4K.PU Flamingo 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.AQ.SK.4K.PU Aqua 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.OR.SK.4K.PU Orange 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.PI.SK.4K.PU Pink 4000K Sky PUSH
K50505.W.OP.6K White 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BK.OP.6K Black 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GY.OP.6K Grey 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.G.OP.6K Gold 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.BL.OP.6K Blue 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.GR.OP.6K Green 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.RE.OP.6K Red 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.FL.OP.6K Flamingo 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.AQ.OP.6K Aqua 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.OR.OP.6K Orange 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.PI.OP.6K Pink 6000K Opal Unregulated
K50505.W.MP.6K White 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BK.MP.6K Black 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GY.MP.6K Grey 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.G.MP.6K Gold 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.BL.MP.6K Blue 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.GR.MP.6K Green 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.RE.MP.6K Red 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.FL.MP.6K Flamingo 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.AQ.MP.6K Aqua 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.OR.MP.6K Orange 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.PI.MP.6K Pink 6000K Microprismatic Unregulated
K50505.W.SK.6K White 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BK.SK.6K Black 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GY.SK.6K Grey 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.G.SK.6K Gold 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.BL.SK.6K Blue 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.GR.SK.6K Green 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.RE.SK.6K Red 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.FL.SK.6K Flamingo 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.AQ.SK.6K Aqua 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.OR.SK.6K Orange 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.PI.SK.6K Pink 6000K Sky Unregulated
K50505.W.OP.6K.D1 White 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BK.OP.6K.D1 Black 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GY.OP.6K.D1 Grey 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.G.OP.6K.D1 Gold 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.BL.OP.6K.D1 Blue 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.GR.OP.6K.D1 Green 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.RE.OP.6K.D1 Red 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.FL.OP.6K.D1 Flamingo 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.AQ.OP.6K.D1 Aqua 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.OR.OP.6K.D1 Orange 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.PI.OP.6K.D1 Pink 6000K Opal 1..10V
K50505.W.MP.6K.D1 White 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BK.MP.6K.D1 Black 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GY.MP.6K.D1 Grey 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.G.MP.6K.D1 Gold 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.BL.MP.6K.D1 Blue 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.GR.MP.6K.D1 Green 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.RE.MP.6K.D1 Red 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.FL.MP.6K.D1 Flamingo 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.AQ.MP.6K.D1 Aqua 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.OR.MP.6K.D1 Orange 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.PI.MP.6K.D1 Pink 6000K Microprismatic 1..10V
K50505.W.SK.6K.D1 White 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BK.SK.6K.D1 Black 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GY.SK.6K.D1 Grey 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.G.SK.6K.D1 Gold 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.BL.SK.6K.D1 Blue 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.GR.SK.6K.D1 Green 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.RE.SK.6K.D1 Red 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.FL.SK.6K.D1 Flamingo 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.AQ.SK.6K.D1 Aqua 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.OR.SK.6K.D1 Orange 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.PI.SK.6K.D1 Pink 6000K Sky 1..10V
K50505.W.OP.6K.DA White 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.BK.OP.6K.DA Black 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.GY.OP.6K.DA Grey 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.G.OP.6K.DA Gold 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.BL.OP.6K.DA Blue 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.GR.OP.6K.DA Green 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.RE.OP.6K.DA Red 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.FL.OP.6K.DA Flamingo 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.AQ.OP.6K.DA Aqua 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.OR.OP.6K.DA Orange 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.PI.OP.6K.DA Pink 6000K Opal DALI
K50505.W.MP.6K.DA White 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BK.MP.6K.DA Black 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GY.MP.6K.DA Grey 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.G.MP.6K.DA Gold 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.BL.MP.6K.DA Blue 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.GR.MP.6K.DA Green 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.RE.MP.6K.DA Red 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.FL.MP.6K.DA Flamingo 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.AQ.MP.6K.DA Aqua 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.OR.MP.6K.DA Orange 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.PI.MP.6K.DA Pink 6000K Microprismatic DALI
K50505.W.SK.6K.DA White 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.BK.SK.6K.DA Black 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.GY.SK.6K.DA Grey 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.G.SK.6K.DA Gold 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.BL.SK.6K.DA Blue 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.GR.SK.6K.DA Green 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.RE.SK.6K.DA Red 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.FL.SK.6K.DA Flamingo 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.AQ.SK.6K.DA Aqua 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.OR.SK.6K.DA Orange 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.PI.SK.6K.DA Pink 6000K Sky DALI
K50505.W.OP.6K.PU White 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BK.OP.6K.PU Black 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GY.OP.6K.PU Grey 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.G.OP.6K.PU Gold 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.BL.OP.6K.PU Blue 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.GR.OP.6K.PU Green 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.RE.OP.6K.PU Red 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.FL.OP.6K.PU Flamingo 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.AQ.OP.6K.PU Aqua 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.OR.OP.6K.PU Orange 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.PI.OP.6K.PU Pink 6000K Opal PUSH
K50505.W.MP.6K.PU White 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BK.MP.6K.PU Black 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GY.MP.6K.PU Grey 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.G.MP.6K.PU Gold 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.BL.MP.6K.PU Blue 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.GR.MP.6K.PU Green 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.RE.MP.6K.PU Red 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.FL.MP.6K.PU Flamingo 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.AQ.MP.6K.PU Aqua 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.OR.MP.6K.PU Orange 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.PI.MP.6K.PU Pink 6000K Microprismatic PUSH
K50505.W.SK.6K.PU White 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BK.SK.6K.PU Black 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GY.SK.6K.PU Grey 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.G.SK.6K.PU Gold 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.BL.SK.6K.PU Blue 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.GR.SK.6K.PU Green 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.RE.SK.6K.PU Red 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.FL.SK.6K.PU Flamingo 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.AQ.SK.6K.PU Aqua 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.OR.SK.6K.PU Orange 6000K Sky PUSH
K50505.PI.SK.6K.PU Pink 6000K Sky PUSH

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